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Press Reviews

When the stage lights first hit Drew Anthony, as Dean Martin, a chill could be felt running through the audience. The swagger, the cigarette, the drink in hand only serve to heighten the excitement as Dean belts out Italian love songs and croons as if it were still 1960.

Buzz Dietterle, Fosters.com

Drew Anthony’s Dean Martin, much like the original, stole the show. His takes on “That’s Amore” and “Volare” elicited the loudest audience sing-alongs of the evening, and his comic comments and touches of skipping choreography gave an important sense of energy to the proceedings.

Steve Feeney, Portland Press Herald

Dean Martin (Drew Anthony) saunters onto stage carrying a martini glass in hand, with his familiar air of confidence and charisma. He immediately captivates the audience and brings the house to the edge of their seats, performing "That's Amore" and "You're Nobody Until Somebody Loves You" and flirting with the audience in a semi-inebriated state.

Samantha Stephens, Seacostonline.com

I wanted to give a special shout out to Drew Anthony who played Dean Martin. I really could not tell the difference between Drew and Dean. How he looked, sounded, moved, facial expressions, intonation and mannerism was shockingly identical. Dean Martin is my favorite singer of all time which made this show even more spectacular.

Dave Isaac, www.breakradioshow.com

Mr. Anthony is a clone of Dean Martin. His look, mannerisms, voice and style are almost identical. He adeptly juggles a cigarette and drink in each hand as he croons "That's Amore" and "You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You."

Joseph F. Caputo, Scranton Times-Tribune

With a drink in one hand and a cigarette in the other hand, Drew Anthony seemed to be channeling Dean Martin's stage persona as a boozy crooner as he sang "When You're Smilin'" (or "When You're Drinkin'" as Martin used to interpret it), "That's Amore" and "You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You."

Peter Landsdowne, Worcester Telegram & Gazette

The show-stopper, Drew Anthony, who looked more like Dean Martin than Dino himself!

Sue White, The Saginaw News

Portraying Dean Martin, Connecticut native Drew Anthony, an accomplished singer in his own right, didn’t have to do much more than stand there, because his resemblance to Dean Martin is uncanny. However, when he sang "That’s Amore", and especially Martin’s big hit, "You’re Nobody ‘til Somebody Loves You", cigarette in hand, and his famous martini nearby, Anthony had the audience rapt. His take-off off the song "When You’re Smiling", renamed "When You’re Drinking", is also good. Overall, Anthony's every movement, facial expression, and clowning around are signature Dino.

Sheila Barth, Revere Journal

Whether performing as Dean Martin or himself, Drew Anthony is a fierce talent that is here to stay. Audiences throughout the United States and Las Vegas are consistently taken by the "silver velvet" voice and magical stage presence of Drew Anthony Carrano, once you hear him, feel his charm, you're hooked - locked tight in the grip of something extraordinary.

Jamie Goetz, jamieslegends.com

Drew Anthony as Dean Martin is excellent. Anthony looks uncannily like Dean Martin, and spends the evening with his trademark cigarette in one hand and martini glass in the other. Mimicking Dean’s characteristic swagger and playfulness, Drew treats us to songs like “You’re Nobody Til Somebody Loves You”, “Volare”, “That’s Amore”, and others that Martin made famous.

Marilyn Anderson & Dennis L Lanning, www.lasplash.com

Audience Reviews

I was swept back in time to an era I've always wished I'd been in. The performances were great, especially Drew Anthony as Dean Martin - the swagger, the quips / ad-libbing - Drew completely embodies the spirit of Dean Martin. What a treat!

Yvonne Adele

I came over to Vegas and saw the Rat Pack. Loved the show so much that I saw it again 2 nights later. I regretted not seeing them when they were alive but I'm telling you, Drew was awfully close to the one and only Dean Martin! It was a truly amazing show! What a nice tribute to The Rat Pack! If I could give a rating of 10, I would!

Barbara Gobel

Tall, dark and handsome, Drew Anthony performs the iconic, timeless classics of Dean Martin and performs in such a cool, classy and suave manner, you hope his performance never ends. His Rat Pack show is a Must See; yet his Dean Martin Tribute Show is a blend of romantic classics, personal interaction with his audience, humor, and a great trip down memory lane. He is a show stopper and force to be reckoned with. Look out Vegas. Hollywood's calling!

Claire Avadanian Cavanagh

Drew Anthony and the gang take you back to the Copa for a night with the original Rat Pack, Frankie, Sammie, and Dino. Drew and the boys capture not only the music, and comedy, but also the soul of the performers. So put on your brown derby, grab a jack and coke, and go back in time, to a place where Frank makes all the rules, and Dean is just trying to have a little fun, folks.

Edgar Arce

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